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G-86 “Everything that’s not like God, toss it out.  You don’t need it.”


Gary A. Naegel, G-86, lives in Tampa, Florida where he is a member of Crossover Community Church.  He is currently pursuing his passion to preach the Gospel by working in collaboration with Bay Area Christian artists and youth pastors.  “We have to come together if we want to truly empower our young people”, says Naegel.  “No one can be effective on their own.  This generation deserves to have a true family in God without barriers.  How can they stand if we don’t teach them to stand together?  They need to see our example and we as leaders need to live up to the Gospel we preach.  No more compromise.  Jesus Christ must be first.  God is calling men to get into position for His agenda and not their own agenda.  That’s what’s up.”


Music was always a major influence for Gary.  He grew up listening to his father’s 1950’s and 1960’s Blues and Rock n’ Roll records.  When he was introduced to rap music by his New York native cousins, he was immediately drawn to it.  The artist in him had found his tool of communication.  Once he became a Christian, Gary was eager to minister to teens whether through rap or one-on-one mentorship.  He knew from his own life’s experience that kids often have trouble processing traumatic issues and disappointment.  As a result they may begin to make destructive choices that can lead to trouble coupled with heavy consequences.  While working as a youth leader in a Bay Area church, Gary started “Streetwall Journalist”, a group comprised of rappers, singers, and dancers, who use their talents to inspire, encourage, and support one another.  “Streetwall was an opportunity to teach young people how to build their own personal relationships with God.  It wasn’t focused on rapping and we were not entertainers.  It was more important to me that they learned to read, study, and apply Gods word. Many have now gone on to be ministers of the Gospel through music and other art forms.  We spent countless hours working together and I loved every minute of it.  Through music I hope to encourage people of all ages to trust in God and live for Him regardless of the circumstances or situations they face.  I want young people to know that age is just a number.  You are never too young to have a real relationship with God.  The message in my music is one of hope and victory.” 


Gary was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1977 and he lived with his parents until the age of 8 when divorce shattered his world.  Anger is all that he can recall feeling as a child trying to cope through his frustrations.  Refusing to forgive, Gary became rebellious and resentful towards his parents and other authority figures.  In the beginning he lashed out with constant fighting and stealing.  As he grew into his teen years he began to carelessly abuse drugs and alcohol and vandalize private property.  Out of major concern, Gary’s mother decided to relocate their family from Ohio to Florida for a fresh start.  However, one month after the move Gary became involved in a local gang.  Dropping out of high school his junior year and leaving home on bad terms were soon to follow.  This downward spiral landed Gary in jail for multiple charges by age 17.  This arrest was an eye opener, but not enough to deter him completely from dangerous choices.  In spite of Gary’s tough exterior, it was his attendance at a Christian Adult School to earn his diploma that slowly opened his heart to change.  The Bible based curriculum began to spark an interest and he decided to attend church.  But without mentorship, much of Gary’s social life remained the same.  While in a probation program, he met Mr. James Sisco who became an accepting father figure. Sisco helped Gary to use boxing to redirect his focus.  Gary found himself sleeping on the floor of a gymnasium as he trained for a Florida Sunshine Boxing Competition, and it was during this time of training that he met Mr. Anthony Robles.  Robles took the time to talk to him about Jesus, salvation, and true repentance.  Because of this unconditional discipleship in the Word of God, Gary did accept salvation.  With the help of his mentors, Sisco and Robles, he learned how to make quality decisions based on God’s instructions for living.  This is the life changing Gospel that Gary is called to share with others.  “My life’s goal is to reach young people with the same unconditional love that was shown toward me when I was young and broken.  I am grateful for the people who have helped me over the years and I thank God for His restoration in my life.  This is a new season for the Body of Christ.  This is a new season for our nation’s youth.”


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